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I am very excited to share my latest pattern with you all — the Madhu Blanket! It is a lap blanket that is full of texture and was … Read More Madhu blanket — Pattern release! Have you tried making the double crochet stitch using Tunisian crochet? It is a beautiful stitch that can be used to make some really pretty patterns. Here is another Tunisian crochet stitch that I have started using recently. It is a non-curling stitch and can be combined with other stitches to make some very beautiful patterns! We'll kick off the blog with crafts that we want to share with you.

Use this month as an opportunity to not just pass on a skill to someone you care about, but to learn a new skill for yourself! If you've always wanted to knit, and don't know where to start, try The Complete Knit Collection. This is a recent release from Marly Bird, filled with a wide range of projects to work on. From Simple Fingerless Gloves , to Knit Journal Covers above , you can learn the basics and knit luxury accessories all from the patterns inside this book!

The book is designed to start with beginner projects, and slowly progress into harder patterns as you read. So when you reach pro-crafter status, you have patterns to try and challenge you as you get more comfortable with knitting. If Knitting isn't your speed, and you'd prefer to learn a skill with just one hook and some patience, try crochet!

10 Free Knit & Crochet Patterns for Binge-Watching! - moogly

The Ultimate Crochet Collection is another Marly Bird release that has a slew of projects that are cute and functional! Start with Small Scrubbies above as a starter project, or one of the many other beginner patterns, and work your way up as you get more comfortable with crochet! The book is structured the same way as The Complete Knit Collection, set up as the perfect intro into this addicting craft.

One of the best ways to give back this month is to teach a skill to someone else! If you already know how to knit and crochet, why not pass those talents on? We found some patterns that are easy to teach, and would make perfect projects for the upcoming seasons. You can start teaching others how to knit like you with the simple and easy projects from Cool Stuff - Teach Me To Knit. This rippled and multicolored knit afghan is a perfect project to start on this month of beginners, because fall is just around the corner, and who doesn't need a little throw for the couch?

You can even create a complimentary pillow like the one above! Mix and match colors to your liking, and even mess with the size of the afghan! You can help someone learn to customize and create cozy necessities with the help of cool pattern books like these. So if you are passionate about passing on your skills and teaching larger groups of people, check the program out! You'll be seeing a lot more posts from us on this subject, maybe even sooner than you think wink, wink. If you're not the teaching type, but still want to ShareYourSkills, try gifting something homemade!

Textured Pillows is a good craft to learn if you want to work with yarn, but don't want to knit or crochet. Plus, how adorable would these pillows be as gifts? With hot glue and a little creative flair, you can create fun and fresh accents for that loveseat that needs a little extra TLC. There are even patterns with fabric that don't require stitching! You can start out minimalist, or go in with a splash of color, the choice is your!

Top 5 Yarns to Make Scarves You’ll Want to Live In

All patterns are super easy to learn and follow along to. If you're feeling something a little more rustic, try Modern Woodburning for a change! Woodburning is super versatile and has limitless customization options, so this is a great book to get you started. Start off with small projects like these Succulent Coasters , and then work your way up to the more advanced projects in the book.

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You'll find that it's just as simple as putting a drawing pen to paper. It's just 1, Degrees hotter and more inventive! Do you plan to ShareYourSkills this month? We'd love to see! Today, show off your best and brightest colors and whip out those coloring pages! We're here to give you some inspiration in many different hues. In the meantime, let's show some coloring love with loads of inspiration! Adult Coloring has been linked to multiple health benefits, because when you get into the craft, you become so relaxed, and fall into a beautiful meditative state.

Anytime you need a break from the everyday struggles of life, pick up a coloring book and doodle away. We have a great blog post on The Wellness Benefits of Coloring , if you want more details. In fact, these projects above, like the Customized Gift Bag and Pencil holder are featured in that blog. So creative! You can even take the beautiful colored pages you created and turn them into something beautiful, like this seasonal paper pumpkin made from the pages of Jungle Wonders left!

You can get romantic with a woven paper heart basket made from the pages of Art of Coloring - Patterns left.

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It's amazing what you can create with just a simple sheet of paper. You can get creative with coloring using all sorts of blending and layering techniques. You can create anything with the right instrument! We have a great blog post on the combined effects of using both the Premium Colored Pencils and the Watercolor Pencils on our Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book , if you wanna see more colorful hues like the picture above. This part of the blog is really just to give a spotlight to some awesome coloring.

Check these beauties out! Have you dabbled in some coloring lately?

Tag us leisureartsinc , or use LeisureArts so we can see what's going on in your studios! We'd love to see what color your artistic personality is. Jane Monzures picked the brains of our Leisure Arts team recently, about the world of publishing in her Creative Living Podcast. We summed up this craft talk in a few concepts below.

So listen along to Tona, Veronica, and Jane talk about how important it is to take your creative concepts and turn them into published ideas. The podcast starts off with the inevitable question: Where do I start? The answer lies in research and development on the designer's part, so they have everything they need to pitch their ideal concepts to a prospective publisher. Veronica stresses that when looking at potential publishers to pitch to, look not only into how collaborative a publisher is, but also at their distribution in retail.

Do some research into where you want your book be placed, and where you want to market your book. She recommends going into your favorite craft store for craft books specifically , and see who is publishing the books you like on the shelves. Be true to what you are good at, and find the publisher that fits your style, and will help you stand up for what you believe in.

You don't have be the best writer, you just have to have the idea, know who your market is, and know who you will be going up against. Tona recommends that you go to Amazon, and see the patterns of modern publishing, and styles of craft books that are out today for reference and research. After that, you work collaboratively with your publisher to make your book come to life. There is a lot of talk and pressure these days about instant gratification, but when it comes to publishing, good things take time.

Behind the Scenes 14 NEW Patterns Inspired by Outlander the Series!

Tona goes in depth about the publishing process - from creating page maps of book concepts, to planning out schedules to present these books to retailers at all times of the year. With all that planning and production, it can take from 12 to 18 months to see your book published, depending on if and when your book gets picked up and placed by a retailer. There are special circumstances that place a book on the fast track, if it's a particularly trendy idea that has the opportunity to hit big.

Tona says that if you do think you have a big hit on your hands, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself they don't bite! Veronica also urges that as a creator, you need to show your publishers who you are, and who your audience is. Influencer voice is key to showing how big of a market you serve, and how much of a reach you have with your community to take your ideas to a broader level.

Jane takes the podcast from publishing to Marketing as she goes in depth with Veronica about promotion, and the journey a book takes while going to market. Veronica shares that typically, the designers and publishers have marketing plans of their own, and they work collaboratively together to get as much reach out of a campaign as possible. In terms of Leisure Arts' processes, we vary our tactics. Every book is different for when and how it gets published. From digital and hardcopy rollouts, blog book tours, in depth craft talks, social media takeovers and more, people want to have a dialogue with us, and want to be able to collaborate on a consumer level.

It's a two way collaborative process that allows both the publisher and the designer to get endless exposure. Self Publishing Self publishing is touched on here, as Jane asks if self publishing is a viable option for someone to pursue. Veronica lists the pros in cons of the process, arguing that while you retain the rights to your book, you have fewer resources to create and promote your material.

It's really about what your publishing goals are, what's important to you, and how much time you have. Can you get rich off of one book?

See a Problem?

Veronica shares that publishing is a meaningful part of your promotional portfolio, but one book won't get you rich quick. It is however, a door opener into being an influencer or content creator, which opens up other avenues for revenue. Tona says publishing definitely isn't dead, and that if done the right way, it goes hand in hand with your social platforms, and helps create an experience for the consumer, online and offline.

How long do designer publisher relationship lasts? If they work well together, your publisher will reach out to you for more work. Leisure Arts has had relationships with some designers since ! Rejection - Tona shares that when you get a no, don't get discouraged. Just watch for trends, think about being cohesive, create an experience, and tell a story. Hopefully you've been inspired to take that concept to the next level after listening to that podcast!

Let us know what you think, or give us a shoutout, leisureartsinc for any extra questions you guys might have for Tona or Veronica. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged how-to , How to get published , publishing , published on July 26, by Paige Yutsus. Bienvenue, Makers! Today, we're going to revamp your writing style, and we don't mean verb tenses and dramatic voice. We mean Hand Lettering! With fancy scrolls and beautiful flourishes, we're trying to make the literary world a better place, one letter at time. Hand Lettering can be added to wedding decor, dress up a thank you card, or turn a grocery list into a work of art, begging to be framed.

If you're a complete novice, and are looking for a gateway into the world of hand lettering and calligraphy, then this is the craft for you. Hand lettering has been around for centuries, but it's never been this easy to learn until now! With Hand Lettering from Kathryn Erney quite. Calligraphy can seem like a daunting craft to get into, which is why this book is so perfect for the absolute beginner.

This book doesn't teach the fancy line work of quill and ink calligraphy, but a style of "faux calligraphy" that passes for the real thing. It's less steps to cover, and more accessible for makers that don't have the fancy nibs of a cartridge pen to do the work for them. Erney says that to start out in hand lettering, all you need is a good set of tools. We have a lot of great tools for our site, and you can read a little about each one below! The ultimate kit for hand lettering shenanigans! This 11 pc Hand Lettering Set has everything you need to test out your hand lettering abilities.

Start out with fine pencil lines that can be erased with our vinyl eraser, and use the different variants of felt tip pens to test out your upstrokes and line weights! These Dual Tip Calligraphy Markers will help you get those edged lines that calligraphy is known for, but on a much simpler level! With dual tips, you can control the weight and pressure of the lines you make, with 18 different colors to choose from! If you want a bulky look to your lettering, then these Bullet Tip Dual Markers are perfect.

You have a choice between a 36 pack and a 60 pack. For metallic accents and shimmery font, try using these Gel Pen Packs as a top layer after lettering! Tips and trick like these are what sets your font apart from just the typical beginner. You can choose between a 36 Pack , a 12 pack , and a 24 pack. Once you've conquered hand lettering from this book, then you can jump into the world of calligraphy!

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This Beginner's Calligraphy Set gives you everything you need to get started above. But you never know, you might end up enjoying your own style better, which is okay! It's all about becoming as creative as you can be on your own terms, fancy pens or not. If you've tried Hand Lettering , be sure to share your work with us! Tag us leisureartsinc or use the hashtag LeisureArts , we may give you a special shoutout in the future wink, wink. All Rights Reserved.

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Leisure Arts Blog. Santa Diamond Art Canvas - Item Angel Diamond Art Canvas - Item Lantern Diamond Art Canvas - Item Star Diamond Art Canvas - Item Reindeer Diamond Art Canvas - Item Neutral, old school grannies for granny square day!! Happy Granny Square Day! The large scallops are offset with v-stitches, so it's light and a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy it! Hey friends! Happy Friday, my yarn friends!

I've just shared the free pattern for my latest project the "Madrid Tunic". I love it as a cover-up and some might even call it a dress! It's got a boho flair and is made with a nice, cotton blend yarn. Lion Brand Yarn has also made it into a kit with several color options! That code will also work f Happy Wednesday my friends. Have you tried this or something similar? Kinda fun to see these colors emerge. Have any of you made one of these hot pads yet?

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