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Multiciliated cells in Xenopus epidermis.

Cross talk between ER stress, oxidative stress, and inflammation in health and disease.

Deconvolution of cell-cell junctions of MDCK cells. Mitochondrial dysfunction in senescent fibroblasts. In that case, the emission radiation of a given Emission Wavelength is detected by the wrong detector because part of the photons go through the wrong optical path inside the microscope e.

Therefore, some signal is actually recorded as coming from certain dye when it really comes from a different one. The growth factors, through receptor tyrosine kinase RTK , regulate the responsiveness of neural cells to gliogenic signals late in development. Activated ERK phosphorylates and regulates several cellular proteins and nuclear transcription factors, including phospholipase A2 PLA2.

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The tuning responses, therefore, do not arise in any particular subset of the signaling network but are emergent properties of the network as a whole. PKA responds strongly to a brief input, but weakly to a longer one. This is due to the high threshold for calcium activation of calmodulin CaM , acting through type 1 adenylyl cyclase AC1 and cyclic adenosine monophosphate cAMP.

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get link Crosstalk in cellular signaling: background noise or the real thing? The cross-talk image is to first order the time derivative of the signal in the saturated image channel along the readout direction. Significant cross-talk only appears to be generated by saturated images.

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