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Disturbed State Modelling of Materials and Interfaces, and Computer Implementation

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Mechanics of Materials and Interfaces: The Disturbed State Concept - CRC Press Book

Connections Add photo. Modelling, and Computation, Vol. Introduction to Finite Element Method This text therefore is designed to prepare undergraduates Desai Edit Profile educator engineering Chandrakant S. A disturbed state concept model of granular material considering physical state Abstract: On the basis of the theory of the concept of disturbed state of the granular materials proposed by C.

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Desai for sandy soil, through defining the relatively complete state and the completely adjusted state, we established the disturbance function, the constitutive model for the disturbed state of granular materials, and the methods for determining the parameters. The calculation results obtained from the numerical simulation towards the triaxial test results of two different kinds of granular materials in a real engineering work are consistent with the test results, which shows that this model can satisfactorily reflect the main mechanical properties of the granular materials, including the non-linear characteristics like strength and confining pressures, and the volume change characteristics that these materials show relatively obvious dilations under low confining pressure and relatively obvious contraction under high confining pressure.

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Article :. The results of this project will be an important contribution toward the ultimate development of sophisticated ice sheet models that could provide reliable predictions of growth, decay, and stability of glaciers and ice sheets—both Pleistocene and modern—and their interaction with climate.

Such models may also yield new insights into landscape evolution in glacial terrains, such as whether soft-bed deformation could have mobilized sufficient sediment flux to account for the large volumes of till in the Midwestern United States or the large deposits of glacigenic material in the Barents Sea. Answers to such questions have applications to important economic activities in glaciated regions, including water resource management and mineral prospecting and mining.

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