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This book provides an innovative look at these vexing issues through a series of innovative Socratic dialogues that elucidate key scientific and ethical points in an approachable manner.


Addressing the cultural and value issues underlying stem cell research while also educating readers about stem cells' biological function and medical applications, Stem Cell Dialogues features fictional characters engaging in compelling inquiry and debate. Participants investigate the scientific, political, and socioethical dimensions of stem cell science using actual language, analysis, and arguments taken from scientific, philosophical, and popular literature.

Each dialogue centers on a specific, recognizable topic, such as the policies implemented by the George W.

  1. Lifelong Learning, Participation and Equity (Lifelong Learning Book Series).
  2. Stem Cell Dialogues.
  3. Winds of Destruction?
  5. Recursive Identification and Parameter Estimation.

Bush administration restricting the use of embryonic stem cells; the potential role of stem cells in personalized medicine; the ethics of cloning; and the sale of eggs and embryos. Additionally, speakers debate the use of stem cells to treat paralysis, diabetes, stroke effects, macular degeneration, and cancer. Educational, entertaining, and rigorously researched with references to scientific literature , Stem Cell Dialogues should be included in any effort to help the public understand the science, ethics, and policy concerns of this promising field.

Krimsky's use of the dialogue method identifies, sharpens, and advances key points of debate and the breadth of issues being addressed.


Ronald M. Green, Dartmouth College Krimsky is not afraid to introduce the latest, often hyped-up findings and unresolved controversies in stem cell research and to offer a well-balanced discussion of their implications for potential therapies.

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Hynek Wichterle, Columbia University This book presents a wonderful new approach to learning about stem cells and thinking about their broader impact at the interface of society, policy, religion, and ethics. Stem Cell Dialogues is highly novel, very engaging, and will open readers to new ways of thinking about the public stem cell debate.

Expert 25 Year Researcher On GMO's Answers Audience Questions by Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D.

It touches on many controversial areas related to stem cells in a well-informed and engaging style. Sheldon Krimsky is able to break down the pros and cons of each argument in a way that makes the stem cell conversation approachable and empowers the reader to draw their own conclusions. Jonathan Garlick, Tufts University Krimsky's coverage of topics is impressive, much more extensive than other available teaching tools.

  1. Advances in Ergometry;
  2. Dispelling StemÔÇÉCell Ideology!
  3. Size Exclusion Chromatography.
  4. Fantasy and Social Movements;

His approach is remarkably balanced, accessible, and interesting. The dialogues are open-ended, leaving the instructor the freedom to develop different ideas in different directions in the classroom. Julia Pedroni, Williams College Well-researched and enlightening Readers will come away with an understanding of the pertinent scientific, political, and moral dilemmas.

Library Journal An important book for anyone interested in the issues surrounding stem cell research. Choice The inquisitive form certainly fits the subject, which is multifaceted and evolving. Health Affairs Evenhanded, eminently readable, up to date, educational, scientifically precise, powerfully researched, and very entertaining, Krimsky's slim volume is one that no scientist, policy-maker, ethicist, or intelligent reader should miss Although the stem-cell debate is complex and heated, Krimsky has done more than anyone else to make it tractable, clear, and interesting.

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Sheldon Krimsky. Innbundet Fri frakt! Om boka. Hope Dialogue 2. Dialogue 3. The President's Stem Cells Dialogue 4.

The Dickey-Wicker Enigma Dialogue 5. The Moral Status of Embryos Dialogue 6. Creating Good from Immoral Acts Dialogue 7.

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Circumventing Embryocide Dialogue 8. Reversing Macular Degeneration Dialogue Reprogramming Cells Dialogue My Personalized Disease Cells Dialogue Human-Animal Chimeras and Hybrids Dialogue Stem Cell Tourism Dialogue Was My Birth Embryo Me? Dialogue Embryos Without Ovaries Dialogue